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Awards and Recognition

COCOLIFE and COCOLIFE HealthCare are greatly honored for all these recognitions. These show our dedication to be our best in all aspects of our business.

  1. 8th Global Excellence Awards (2015)

  2. 33rd Seal of Excellence Awards (2014)

  3. 27th Global Excellence Global Awards

  4. 34th Annual Consumers Choice Award: Best Health Maintenance Organization (Cocolife Healthcare)

  5. 34th Annual Consumers Choice Award: Best Life Insurance Company (Cocolife)

  6. 13th Annual Global Excellence Awards: Hall of Fame Most Outstanding Life Insurance Company (2011)

  7. 30th Annual Consumers Quality Awards: Most Outstanding Life Insurance Company

  8. 19th Annual Asia Pacific Excellence Awards: Most Outstanding Life Insurance Company

  9. 30th Annual Year-Ender & People's Choice Awards (2010)

  10. 18th Annual Asia-Pacific Excellence Awards (2010)

  11. 26th Annual Consumers Choice Awards (2010)

  12. 25th Annual Consumers Choice Awards (2009)

  13. 27th Annual People's Choice Awards (2009)

  14. 28th Annual Consumers Quality Awards (2009)

  15. 19th Annual National Consumers Awards

  16. 10th Annual Global Excellence Awards

  17. 17th Annual National Consumers Awards

  18. 16th Annual National Consumers Awards

  19. Philippine Business Achievers Awards

  20. Philippine Marketing Excellence Awards (National Awards)

  21. 23rd Annual National Consumers Quality Awards (2005)

  22. 12th Asia-Pacific Excellence Awards (2005)

  23. 2005 Global Excellence Awards

  24. 20th National Consumers Excellence Awards

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